Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Martin Eduard Staudinger 1842-1910, antivivisectionist

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I've recently visited a German anti-vivisectionists grave again. His tombstone is quite faded by now. I found a reference to his grave and tombstone inscription on someones site:

146 Grabmal für Martin Eduard Staudinger (1842-1910), Kämpfer gegen die Vivisektion, Gewann C 59. ( )

A couple of years back a friend and I tried to do some research about Mr. Staudinger, and we therefore visited the citiy archives, but without any luck. He shares a family grave with his grandmother, I think her surname is Behrens, but I'm not 100%ly sure now.

the inscription on his tombstone says:

'Im unermüdlichen Kampfe gegen die Vivisektion und für die Rechte der Tiere' = In the untiresome fight against vivisection and for the rights of animals. A dog who holds up one of his front paws is beautifully carved into the stone.



Stefan said...

Any background information about this person?

Palang LY said...

Unforetunately hardly any background. He's buried in a shared grave with his grandmother Dorothea Behrends. We dug the local archives about him, but couldn't find anything. Supposedly he lived in the Netherlands part time too. He seems to have relatives that you should be able to find on the internet, there is a genealogy site of the family Staudinger where Martin Eduard is listed.

What we hoped most for when we discovered his tombstone inscription on the Frankfurt Hauptfriedhof was that we per chance would have been able to find out more about the anti-vivisectionist movement at his time.

At the Stadtarchiv we looked through many issues of ' Der Vegetarier' a vegetarian publication from the 19th century, but the anti-vivisectionist movement wasn't covered in those publications.

Thanks for your interest Stefan! Have a good day!