Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dutch Band: THE EX

I love this song: "A sense of tumour"


DISTURBING DOMESTIC EX 004/005D (The Ex)released in November 1980recorded at Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf in Schellingwoude, NLproduced by Dolf Planteydt


I got a tumour
in my brain
it's growing very fast
I want my health again

A tumour grows
in your brain
what do you mean
and how come
if it's so
what did you do

It doesn't matter
do not complain
no one is perfect
but at least you still got brains
we all know prosperity has its price
concessions must be made to magnify its size
but we got the power to control machines
we wouldn't take the risk to endanger human beings

I got a tumour still
it lives on brains
thanks to your factory
it makes me sick

Our factory makes you sick
what do you mean
and how come
if it's so
what did you do

it doesn't matter
do not complain
there is no danger
for your health
and neither for your brains
for we take all measures we can take
and if not we'll wipe out that mistake
our investigations show rumours are just lies
so shut up to sing that song of smog gets in your eyes

Who wants my tumour
I got enough of it
it is free
thanks to our welfare-state
who wants my tumour
it eats my brains
I took some aspirin
but nothing changed

We don't wanna hear no more about disease germs
stop this nonsense or we'll never come to terms
don't forget we give employment to a lot of men
if we'd change our attitudes what would happen then
we would never work here if we'd risk our health
don't you realize we add to mankind's wealth
and time is money so stop with your complaints
cause we produce the medicine to cure your tumoured brains

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